Montack International FZE

Montack International FZE Montack International FZE has started its full operation in Sharjah, UAE in various commodities globally serving customers.
Montack’s philosophy has been straight forward, to provide a fast and consistent supply of material handling, safety, shipping, maintenance and commercial supplies while providing the type of service we ourselves would like to receive. Montack has experienced rapid growth over the years due to our unmatched personalized service.

Our mission is to be the best International technologies & solutions provider in the world, as measured by our associates, customers, owners and suppliers.

Our greatest motivation is to provide our customers with the most progressive, customer focused, business-enhancing services.
As well as a passion for the products and services we provide, our business, and our relationship with our customers, is driven by the following:

◊ Professionalism
◊ Integrity
◊ Responsiveness
◊ The quality of our systems
Commitment to doing what we promise to do for you.
Making sure that we do business that we know we can do well – if something lies outside our area of competency. We won’t take it. As our partner, you can be sure we know what we are doing for you.

With more than 25 well trained and knowledgeable employees, the Montack’s team works closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions.

Montack is involved in the technologies & solutions and is looking to begin new ventures worldwide.
Montack prides itself as one of the leaders in the technologies & solutions Industry. We provide the latest Products, technologies and Services allowing us to give our customers the best Quality, Services & Prices possible in the market.

At present, Montack is one of the major technologies & solutions providers of all kinds of the following:

◊ Concreting & Construction Chemicals
◊ Building & Construction Materials
◊ Petrochemical Products & Technologies
◊ Web Products, Technologies, Services & Solutions
◊ Business Software Products, Technologies, Services & Solutions
◊ IT Products, Technologies, Services & Solutions
◊ Mobiles & Telecommunications Technologies, Products, Services & Solutions
◊ Building Materials & Construction Products, Technologies, Services & Solutions
◊ Industrial, Home & Office Automation Technologies, Products, Services & Solutions
◊ International Import/Export & Trading
◊ Trading in Foodstuff
◊ Solar Energy Products, Technologies, Services & Solutions
◊ and many more…

Each of these businesses is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality, most highly effective products. In addition our reputation, sound financial structure, excellent products, and commitment to for a wide range of products at a high quality, which gave our company strong market share and fast growth ahead in the territory.
We are committed to provide our customers a wide range of products of a high quality and competitive prices in order to meet their full satisfaction.
Our competitors do not even come remotely close to the friendly service and flexibility we offer to our customers and this has been our key to success.

Our commitment to high standards of safety, quality and ethics has established us as a respected name in the region.
Our vision is to excel in what we do and maintain our reputation as a rock solid company as solid as the ground below us.
Registered Address:

Montack International FZE
P.O.Box: 121060,
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
A free zone company based in (SAIF ZONE) Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE.

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