Bluetooth not working on GC-WB867D-I WiFi Bluetooth Card

I fixed the issue. I was searching for issues others have had with my board and came across this thread that suggests turning on IOMMU which really doesn't make any sense, but whatever. When I came home I plugged in a USB Header Adapter and tested plugging in a USB flash drive. This was not detected either under Linux. I booted into the bios to look around and noticed my flash drive was showing up so that meant it was functional. I knew there had to be some setting, but that is one of the last things I would have looked at. Any ideas as to why that setting is important with linux? Also, the output sound is very low when connected to my bluetooth speaker even though the sound it cranked up to 100. I have it set to A2DP Sink which others have recommended so I'm not sure why it's so low. Any ideas?


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